Subscription Rates

The current subscription rates are

  • Single £15 per annum
  • Joint £20 per annum
  • Overseas (sterling payment) £23 per annum
  • Overseas (other currency) £28 per annum

Rates for Life Membership available upon request

Registered Charity Number 208797


The Friends' Council is the executive body responsible for the management of the Friends of Wells Cathedral. It is made up of three officers elected at an Annual General Meeting (Chairman, Treasurer and Membership Secretary), two nominees of the Cathedral Chapter and up to seven members elected at Annual General Meetings.

These are the Council members for 2017 / 2018*

  • Mr Tom Burr, Elected Member*
  • Mrs Barbara Calverley, Elected Member*
  • Very Revd Dr John Davies (Dean), Chapter Nominee
  • Mr Clive Edney, Elected Member**
  • Mr Geoff Egan, Treasurer**
  • Dr Alan Kerbey, Chapter Nominee
  • Mrs Nancy McGiveron, Elected Member***
  • Mr Michael Hopkins, Elected Member*** / Deputy Chairman
  • Mr Colin Rees, Membership Secretary*
  • Mr Timothy Wotton, Elected Member**
  • Vacancy**

* until 2018
** until 2019
*** until 2020

Council meetings are attended by the Friends' Secretary, Mr William Newton Newey, who is also Joint Editor of Friends Publications with Mr Dougal Mackay. The Secretary is also responsible for the Friends' Office, the administration of the Friends and the running of the Friends with the Treasurer and Membership Secretary.

The Bishop of Bath and Wells, the Right Reverend Peter Hancock, is the Patron of the Friends and the Dean of Wells, the Very Revd Dr John Davies, is the President.

Lord Carey of Clifton, Mrs Anne Currie, Dr Robert Dunning, Lady Gass, Mrs Annie Maw and Mr Robin Duijs are Vice-Presidents of the Friends.